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Realtor Tax Planning – Write-offs, Agent LLCs, Retirement

Are you managing your expenses like a business owner?

Successful real estate agents treat their business “like a business”. Realtors need solid financial plans and budgets – just like any other business owner.  As the 2nd Class in our ongoing training series, we’re excited to have Henry Meadows as our co-host.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this video:

    • Business Use of Car and Depreciation
    • Maximize Write-offs with Proper expense tracking
    • Benefits of Creating Agent LLC or Sole Proprietorship
    • Use Commissions to Fund 401K Retirement Plans

Henry Meadows, CPA

Henry is a Tax Expert and Senior Partner with 30 years of experience.  If you’re a real estate professional and have tax questions, please contact him directly.

301-468-7700 Ext 1105