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Coronavirus Mortgage Changes – Forbearance, Income Verification

Realty Advantage had the recent pleasure of having Glen Lazovick speak to our agents as part of our ongoing training series. Glen Lazovick is VP of Residential Lending with APEX Home Loans.

The Corona-Virus has affected every aspect of the real estate industry. In particular, the mortgage business has seen significant changes in the past few weeks. While safety is our foremost concern, it’s important for real estate professionals to understand what’s behind these sweeping changes.

In this informative 20-minute video, Glen covers a variety of topics including:

  • Volatility in Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Changes to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA
  • Forbearance: Pros, Cons, and Misconceptions
  • Scarcity of Jumbos Loans and High Rates
  • Importance of “Locking-In”
  • Tax Transcripts from Borrowers
  • New Employment Verification Requirements

There is a lot of valuable information in this video, so we encourage you to watch it in its entirety.

– Realty Advantage