Many Realtors are experiencing lower production during the Pandemic.  Try to use the extra time to focus on other aspects of growing and streamlining your business.  When the country begins to re-open and the economy recovers, you will be ahead of the curve and ready to go!

Update and Utilize your Database

1. Build (or update) your database of past clients.  Organizing their emails and phone numbers into a simple Excel spreadsheet is a good start!
2. Create (or improve) your Facebook and Instagram business pages.
3. Ensure your, Zillow and Realty Advantage agent profiles are complete and up to date.
4. Reach out to your database!  Emails are free, or write handwritten note cards to check in with clients, customers, and friends.

Organize and Brand Your Business

5. Create branded forms like Introductory and thank you letters, checklists, listing packets, and open house sign ins.  We can help agents with Marketing Support.
6. Scan & shred closed files to google drive or other secure storage platforms.  You should keep your real estate files for at least 5 years.

Hone Your Skills

7.  Complete your CE online to be ready for license renewal while you have the time to dedicate.  GCAAR is currently offering live webinars and online CE.
8.  Attend our free webinars! We partner with several local experts on a variety of timely topics to improve your professional knowledge.

These are tasks that all Realtors should be doing regularly, but often find it difficult to designate the time for administrative tasks.  Now is a great opportunity to streamline your business and prime the pump.  You will be ready to hit the ground running when buyers and sellers re-enter the local market.  Contact us today to see how we can help!